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"You do not change behaviors by focusing on your target objectives or beliefs, you need to focus on the behavior itself and understand why it goes wrong".Prof. W. Wood

How to overcome efficiently behavioral issues?

findhereconcrete examples of interventions alongside our clients


Time 1: Observation 


Intermediate step - Summary note


Step 2: In-depth analysis and recommendations


Time 3: Co-construction of the action plan


Crucial to the success of the project, this step consists of observingin situthe problem in collaboration with our scientific team. At this stage, we use ethnography tools, Web Listening, projective interview techniques - depending on the given context. 


We give you a first diagnosis in the form of an inventory as well as the first working hypotheses.  


We present at this stage - always with the support of our scientific partners -   a complete analysis of the mechanisms involved and we formulate tangible and pragmatic recommendations, to create an environment conducive to the adoption of the/ new behavior(s).


On the occasion of a work meeting (workshop) of one to two days. This stage is preceded by preparatory work, to be carried out by the teams, in order to guarantee a 100% productive exchange time. 

For which sectors? 

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For which interlocutors? 

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R&D, Innovation

R&D, Innovation

Ressources Humaines

Ressources Humaines

Design, Merchandising, UX

Design, Merchandising, UX

Sales, Relation clients

Sales, Relation clients

Elus, Administrateurs

Elus, Administrateurs

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