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Readings, Videos and Podcasts

Content that does not come from us, but it is interesting and accessible. Here is the selection of the moment, to consume without moderation!

Some reference books...

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The definitive book on economics and behavioral sciences by D. Ariely


W. Wood deciphers the mechanisms and impact of habits in our decisions.


How to create extraordinary experiences and increase their traces in our memories? by D. & C. Heath


The reference book in nudge theory by R.Thaler and C. Susstein


All about how thought systems work (1 vs 2) by D. Kahneman

Video extracts 

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A cognitive bias that weighs heavily on our decisions: the inability to get rid of sunk costs 

Written and Directed by David Louapre © Astonishing Science

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Why we don't act rationally in the face of risk and uncertainty.

Written and Directed by David Louapre © Astonishing Science

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How the e-commerce site Wish successfully plays on certain cognitive biases in its commercial strategy.

Written and directed by Patrice Thiriez & Christophe de Cacqueray


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Pierre Moorkens, co-founder of the INC - partner of Mutatio - deciphers the mysteries of the brain in this interview


Pierre Moorkens, during a Ted X conference on neuroscience.

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Albert Moukheiber, Neuroscientist, explains on France Inter the influence of cognitive biases in our decisions.

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